Preparing Your Home For Sale



  • Clean your home from top to bottom
  • Put all valuables in a safe place
  • Put deodorizers in each room
  • Pre-pack and store anything you don’t need – including trinkets & out of season clothes, to keep the house free of clutter
  • Add a few colourful plants to make the place seem livelier
  • Wardrobes and cupboards – clean out all surplus items and clothing and arrange items neatly


  • Fill in cracks or holes
  • Repaint, re-wallpaper, or touch up, as necessary


  • Ensure appliances are in good working order
  • Clean all the appliances from top to bottom – don’t forget to clean behind or underneath
  • Clean outside and inside of all cabinets
  • Repair cabinets & cabinet doors, as necessary
  • Clean the countertops & repair chips or holes, if possible
  • Clean the grout in any tiling
  • Make sure sink & disposal are in good working order – fix any drips, leaks, etc.
  • Clean fans & vent hoods
  • Clean & wax the kitchen floor to make it as bright as possible
  • Scrub the sink & surrounding area


  • Check for water stains. Make sure all leaks are repaired, and patch the ceiling, if necessary
  • Fill in any cracks, and repaint or touch up paint as needed


  • Make sure carpets are in good condition. Stretch or re-tack if needed.
  • Clean the carpets


  • Make sure the faucets are in good working order and that the sink and tub drain freely
  • Clean everything thoroughly, including the mirrors, sink, tub, and toilet – remove stains and make everything shine!
  • Make sure countertops and cabinets are in good working condition
  • Ensure taps are in good working order and replace if necessary


  • Lubricate any squeaky doors
  • Re-hang doors that stick, sag, or don’t close properly
  • Make sure all the locks work
  • Re-paint or touch up paint as necessary


  • Make sure all the windows open properly
  • Clean windows, window frames, drapes, shutters, etc.
  • Fix or replace any faulty window locks or catches
  • Clear the window sills

Fireplace and Gas Heaters

  • Clear out all the ash & soot. Clean the fireplace thoroughly
  • Make sure the screen & tiling are in good condition
  • Clean gas heaters and ensure they are in good working order


  • Clean out the garage – put everything away
  • Make sure there is sufficient lighting – replace missing bulbs, or add in a floor lamp if necessary
  • Sweep the floor and all surfaces
  • Clean the door, light switch and entrance thoroughly
  • Make sure the garage door works
  • Try to remove any stains on the concrete



  • Wash off any dirt or mould – use a water blaster, if necessary
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint, if necessary
  • Fill in any obvious holes or cracks
  • Wash the windows
  • Clean the front door, walls, porches, decks, and patios, and make sure they’re free from clutter
  • Fix broken lights/lamps and replace light bulbs, as necessary
  • Check gutters and downpipes to make sure they are clear and functioning properly
  • Inspect the roof for leaks, missing tiles, sags, etc. While you’re up there, make sure the chimney is in good shape
  • Ensure the front entrance is clean tidy and welcoming with easy access and a new doormat


  • Clear any rubbish away from the front and back yards
  • Make sure the area in front of your property is clean and free of debris
  • Kill or pull up any weeds
  • Trim any overgrown trees and bushes
  • Sweep off pathways
  • Mow and edge the lawn
  • Adding mulch to planting beds and around trees is an inexpensive but effective way of freshening the look of the yard
  • Paint or stain any fences, decks or garden furniture
  • Arrange outdoor furniture and firewood neatly
  • Put away all lawn equipment, bikes and toys etc
  • Depending on the season, planting a few flowers can make all the difference
  • If you’ve got time, consider fertilising your lawn to make it lush and green
  • Fill cracks in driveway and footpaths with ready-mix cement. If the driveway is gravel, consider filling in sparse areas, if necessary
  • Does the yard look well maintained?